'Necessary Roughness' Actress Nabs Female Lead in Indie Comedy 'Slash' (Exclusive)

Stephanie Diani
Hannah Marks

Michael Johnston ('Teen Wolf') is starring in the coming-of-age comedy about a teen that writes erotic fan fiction.

Hannah Marks, perhaps best known for her work on USA’s Necessary Roughness, has nabbed the female lead in Slash, an indie coming-of-age comedy from Clay Liford.

Melissa Breaux of Washington Square Arts & Films, Brock Williams of Boxcar Films and Jason Wehling of Arts + Labor are producing. Traci Carlson is co-producing.

Michael Johnston (Teen Wolf) stars as a teenager whose online erotic fiction leads him to discover truths about his own burgeoning sexuality when his newfound notoriety forces him out into the real world.

The movie is an expansion into feature from Liford’s 2012 short.

Marks is playing a provocative young woman that also writes erotic fiction who is both an idol to Neil and the first girl to whom he's ever been attracted.

Shooting is underway in Texas.

Marks, who was recently seen in MTV’s Awkward, co-starred in Anesthesia, Tim Blake Nelson’s drama that starred Glenn Close and Kristen Stewart and premiered at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival. She also has Punk’s Dead, the sequel to writer-director James Merendino’s 1990s Sundance cult classic SLC Punk in the can.