'Need for Speed' Screening: Aaron Paul Didn't Want to Make 'Another Video-Game Movie'

Aaron Paul Need for Speed - H 2014

The "Breaking Bad" alum also talks about his upcoming role in the Biblical epic "Exodus" and TV shows that could get him to return to the small screen.

DreamWorks' Need for Speed is the latest film to hope that the success of its video-game inspiration will be matched by that of its big-screen version.

But movies based on small-screen interactive experiences have been hit or miss. It was this uncertainty that made stars Aaron Paul and Ramon Rodriguez hesitant to sign on to the project.

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"I didn't even want to read the script," Paul told The Hollywood Reporter ahead of Tuesday night's Cinema Society-hosted screening of the film. "I saw the script and I was like, 'Oh, no, another video-game movie' … So, it took everything in me to turn the first page. And once I turned the first page, I kept turning. I was so surprised that it had a great human story behind it and great characters that I found myself instantly invested in."

Rodriguez, who plays one of Paul's character's closest friends, had the same experience.

"When I first heard about the script, I thought, 'Ugh, I don't want to do just another car film or a video-game adaptation that doesn't work,' but when I read the script, the thing that caught me was the story of these brothers and these guys, which I was actually kind of attracted to, and to see them come together for a buddy of theirs, I can really relate to that," Rodriguez added.

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In addition to the story, both Paul and Rodriguez were intrigued by director Scott Waugh's reluctance to rely on green screens or CGI for the stunt-heavy film.

The film is the latest foray into a new genre for the Breaking Bad alum. He also starred in and produced the indie drama, Hellion, which premiered at Sundance. And, he's crossed another type of movie off his list, doing his first serious period piece, something he told THR he's always wanted to do, with a part in Ridley Scott's upcoming Exodus.

Paul said filming the Biblical epic, one of many set to be released this year, "was very exciting because going to set, you just really felt like you were there."

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But he hasn't completely shut the door on TV. When asked if there's a current TV show he'd want to guest star on, Paul answered without hesitation: House of Cards, something that's not surprising to his nearly two million Twitter followers after he recently tweeted at star Kevin Spacey about the show.

"House of Cards is, I think, the greatest show that's on right now; I love it," he said. "What they're doing is brilliant. What Netflix is doing is incredible."

Paul also said he was intrigued by the recently-wrapped True Detective, which he admitted he hadn't seen but said, "I've heard it's incredible."

The show's also presumably in search of stars for its very likely second season.