'Neighbors 2' Premiere: Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne Explain Zac Efron's Absence

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising Premiere-Getty-H 2016
Todd Williamson/Getty Images

The question of the night: where was the film's lead?

Less than seven hours before the Neighbors 2 world premiere an email was sent by Universal to reporters covering the event. It read: "Just a warning that Zac is stuck shooting Baywatch tonight ..." 

One of the Neighbors stars, it turned out, didn't seem to have advance warning. "I was literally right over there. I just asked Seth [Rogen], 'Oh where's Zac,' " Rose Byrne told The Hollywood Reporter. 

"I knew a few days ago. I've had a couple of days to reconcile this massive loss. I was bummed out, but I'll see him in two days or so," Rogen added. 

Meanwhile, the cast weighed in on what laugh-out-loud jokes from the comedy were their favorite.

"Watching a comedy is great with an audience. Really much more so than anything else. I've been to comedy screenings with publicists and it's awful. They're all on their phones literally. Why bother? It's depressing," Byrne said.  

The film also features a Bill Cosby joke, where Ike Barinholtz's character says, "I got Cosbied" after drinking from a mysterious red solo cup. The line drew some applause from the premiere crowd. 

Efron's absence wasn't the only mystery of the night. Will there be a third Neighbors film?

Chloe Grace Moretz told THR of her ideal scenario for the next chapter: "I think they should go on vacation to Mexico and it should be one of those big sorority, fraternity conventions and they should run into Zac and I in Cancun and they're like, 'F— we tried to go on vacation and that didn't even work.' That's what I'm pushing. Let's make it!"