Seth Rogen Talks Idea Behind 'Neighbors 2': "What's Next Rather Than What's More"

Courtesy of Today

The actor-producer also insists that he'll be shirtless "a lot" in the sequel, saying of his and co-star Zac Efron's chest-baring scenes, "We have a favored nations shirtless clause. Every minute Zac's shirtless I have to be shirtless."

Universal's raunchy frat-next-door comedy Neighbors made $270.6 million worldwide, but to come up with the idea behind the sequel, Sorority Rising, actor-writer-producer Seth Rogen said the focus was on "what's next rather than what's more."

The Neighbors team even studied high-quality sequels to figure out what works best for an effective follow-up.

"We really watched movies like the Toy Story movies and movies that have great sequels and really tried to pick apart what was great about them," Rogen told the Today show's Dylan Dreyer during her visit to the Atlanta set, footage of which aired on Wednesday's Today.

Rogen also elaborated on the "few" premises for the sequel, the trailer for which debuted on Tuesday. "[My and Rose Byrne's characters are] having a second baby and we're trying to sell our house so we can move to the suburbs and have more space," Rogen said. "It starts with us being in escrow and not really understanding what that is exactly."

Efron added, "Meanwhile [my character] Teddy is having a very early midlife crisis, quarter-life crisis…which is a thing now. And he comes across these girls who are forming a sorority and kind of starts to mentor them."

The sequel finds Rogen and Byrne's couple forced to contend with a wild sorority led by Chloe Grace Moretz's character.

Although the gender of the Greek organization has changed, some things remain the same in the sequel — including lots of scenes in which both Efron and Rogen are showing off their abs.

When asked if he'll be going shirtless in Neighbors 2, Rogen said, "Yes, I will. A lot. Everyone does. We have a favored-nations shirtless clause. Every minute Zac's shirtless I have to be shirtless. I wanted it. I fought for that."