Nemec in running for WGAW secretary-treasurer post


The WGA West has added a candidate to run against the previously unopposed incumbent secretary-treasurer in keeping with guild guidelines stating a preference for having at least two candidates for every top race.

Currently presiding Elias Davis, a writer on such TV sitcoms as "Frasier" and "Full House," now has telefilms scribe Dennis Michael Nemec ("Secret Cutting," "Lethal Vows") as a rival for the secretary-treasurer post. Issues in the wind for those candidates include how the WGAW can speed up its disbursement of foreign residuals, which have piled high amid a complex collection and distribution process.

In releasing its final slate of 2007 candidates, the WGAW also narrowed its field of board candidates from 18 to 16 after two board hopefuls withdrew from the race. Screenwriter Robert Adetuyi and TV writer Stephanie Liss had been nominated for board seats by a guild committee, but the candidates asked to have their names withdrawn, WGAW spokesman Gregg Mitchell said.

The WGAW announced its nominating committee's list of officer and board candidates last month (HR 6/25). Other prospective candidates had another 30 days to join races by filing petitions.

However, Nemec was added after further work by the nominating committee, Mitchell said.

There were no announced changes in the race for president. So KNX-AM newswriter Kathy Kiernan will be incumbent Patric Verrone's sole rival in his re-election bid. Kiernan, a WGAW director whose board candidacy was endorsed by Verrone, has said she is running to call attention to newswriter issues and other matters.

At the WGA East, incumbent president Chris Albers has decided against running for a second term. TV newswriter Tom Phillips and TV writer Michael Winship are vying to succeed him.

WGAW members will vote for officers and board candidates by mail or in person at a Sept. 17 membership meeting, and WGAE has a similar process culminating in a Sept. 20 meeting. Results of balloting are expected soon after voting is tabulated at the respective guilds.