Neopets gets snippy for Nickelodeon


MTV Networks-owned is reaching out to a larger audience through a new Neopets Minis clip series that will begin airing on Nickelodeon in late June.

Kyra Reppen, senior vp and general manager of Neopets, said these clips -- which will be 15-60 seconds long -- are a "marriage of Nickelodeon and Neopets that combine the expertise of Nickelodeon's animated TV talent with the creative team behind Neopets."

She said the shorts show a slice of the world of Neopets and capture a moment in time. In addition to introducing a potentially new audience to the site, Neopets fans will find hidden hints and pictures that unlock new trivia questions and puzzles on the site.

In addition to being broadcast throughout the summer on TV, the clips will be available on Neopets new broadband video player, NeoVision. The player also will offer Neopets how-tos, behind-the-scenes video clips and other content for fans.

"We're allowing users to submit created videos that will be prescreened and then available for all to view on NeoVision," Reppen said. "Kids can put together sequences of Neopets art, animation and other content for unique storytelling for all to see."

After introducing a new layout for its online Gameroom page on April 26, Reppen said time spent per page has increased by more than 20%. The new Daily Dare gaming event reached over 7 million unique gameplay sessions and offered more than 10 million virtual prizes in the month of March.

About 80% of Neopets visitors play the 200-plus games on the site, which accounts for the 700 million gameplay sessions per month. Neopets has 11.5 million unique monthly visitors, and the site is available globally in 11 languages with more than 5 billion global page views per month.

"Alfador Cup II is a global gaming event that will attract a large portion of our audience from June 4 through July 9," Reppen said. "We had half of our audience play the first game last year."

Users participating in the event will become part of one of 16 teams representing different worlds of Neopia. Players choose a team and play Yooyuball matches to help their team win the coveted Altador Cup.

To support the Altador Cup, there will be on-air promotion in the U.S. on Nick and Nicktoons, as well as in the potential markets of the U.K., the Netherlands, Germany, Southeast Asia, Australia, Latin America, Brazil and Korea. There will also be online cross-promotion across MTVN Kids and Family Digital properties.

Since it launched in 1999, Neopets has grown into the largest global youth-targeted online virtual world with more than 40 million registered users. These users have created nearly 200 million virtual Neopets.

According to comScore, in April, Neopets had 1.3 billion page views and 4.1 million unique users. A recent Neopets DataMart Google Analysis found that Neopets visitors spent an average of 2 hours and 27 minutes on the site, which is up 6% from March 2007.

Viacom's MTV Networks bought Neopets in June 2005 for $160 million.