'Nerve' Germany Launch, Entrepreneurs for Hillary Tap Into Video Creation App Creace

Nerve Still 1 Emma Roberts Publicity - H 2016
Niko Tavernise

The app from Berlin-based Native Studios wants to make the production of appealing video easy and allow advertisers to benefit from user generated content.

Creace, a new app from Berlin-based Native Studios, wants to take user generated video to the next level by making its creation and sharing easy and by allowing marketers to tap into the resulting buzz via native integration.

Among the first partners to put Creace to use are StudioCanal, which has been using it to help promote the Thursday theatrical release of techno-thriller Nerve in Germany, and Entrepreneurs for Hillary, a U.S. group of volunteers looking to mobilize entrepreneurs in support of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. The free app uses professionally made video templates and allows users to add brief self-recorded segments to them.

Nerve, starring Emma Roberts and Dave Franco, opened in North America in late July and has drawn box-office revenue of more than $31 million there for Lionsgate. Based on the 2012 novel of the same name, Nerve revolves around two young strangers who meet after enlisting in a dangerous online game that involves players, who must complete increasingly risky challenges, and watchers.

To help promote the film to the young audiences the film targets, StudioCanal, which distributes it theatrically in Germany, partnered with Native Studios to provide challenges that people can complete and document in video form via Creace.

In the film, players use an app that sets challenges they must complete, while watchers follow their progress. In the promotional partnership, Creace turns into a "player" app that sets challenges that users must take on, such as doing a silly dance, singing a song, filling their mouth - with anything from French fries to gummy bears or socks, or taping their face. Users document the challenge in brief videos. ProSiebenSat.1-owned Studio71 has been teaming with such German YouTube stars as Kelly Ms Vlog and Malwanne, ConCrafter and KranCrafter, as well as KSFreakWhatelse und KrappiWhatelse to promote the campaign via videos that show them completing challenges. The marketing campaign for the film in Germany also uses other online elements and traditional TV.

"The Creace app is a terrific part of our campaign for the launch of Nerve, and we want to use it to spur our target demo into action," said Lutz Rippe, vp marketing at StudioCanal Germany. "Activities on Snapchat, YouTube and other social media platforms add to this campaign, in which we partner with popular influencers in a way that reflects the film's plot."

Under the partnership with Entrepreneurs for Hillary, Creace is also set to play a role in the U.S. presidential election as people can use it to make and share their videos in support of Hillary. 

"We help entrepreneurs share their innovative ideas so that our economy can grow and everyone can prosper," said Entrepreneurs for Hillary co-founder Lisa Diaz Nash. "Creace gives us an easy way for any entrepreneur to create attractive, professional-looking videos to tell their story, share their ideas, and why they believe Hillary Clinton will be the best president for entrepreneurs."

Native Studios was founded by managing director, operations Johannes Kahnt, managing director, strategy Alex Schwaderer, creative director Christoph Bauer and talent & legal director Felix Blum. The latter two were co-founders of production firm Propellerfilm.

“Creace makes the production of appealing video content possible for laymen, allowing advertisers to benefit from user generated video,” explains Schwaderer. Adds Bauer: „User generated videos are more popular than ever, but many consumers don't know what criteria to focus on during shoots to ensure a successful result."

In addition to the Nerve and Entrepreneurs for Hillary partnerships, the app also allows users to tape videos to send holiday greetings, discuss shopping, fashion and makeup issues, share BMX and skateboard spots and speak out for a cause, such as LGBT equality. For the latter, the app lets users "give a shout-out to the LGBT community and show support for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign in just three simple steps."

The Creace app has been downloaded more than 30,000 times as of early September. 


trailer_creace from Native Studios on Vimeo.