Net-a-Porter Launches Social Network

Net Set app - H 2015
Courtesy of The NET SET

Net Set app - H 2015

The Net Set merges social media and shopping. What could be better?

Ever on the cutting edge of both technology as well as its consumers' needs, Net-a-Porter is introducing a new social feed for you to scroll through (you know, after you've been through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) while you should be doing something else. 

The Net Set is a fashion-friendly social network app launching in the iTunes App Store on May 13 (with an Android version to follow) that allows users to scroll through a feed of their favorite Net-a-Porter products, style influencers, brands and "style tribes," such as the pre-loaded "Black is the New Black" and "Double Denim," as well as user-created themes. Vogue reports that once users create a profile, they can also amass followers (called "admirers") who can comment on a user's public purchases and style inspirations. The initial launch of the app will be available on iPhone, iPad and the Apple Watch.

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A particulary exciting feature is the image-recognition function, which allows users to upload a photo of a product or an inspiring outfit and be "matched" with a similar item for sale on the site. Users can then purchase items directly through the platform.

When it launches next week, the invite-only app will be limited to a hand-selected community of 15,000 people in order to keep the experience meaningful and authentic. However, it's bound to pick up steam soon enough thanks to Net-a-Porter's massive fan base. The brand's devoted following is actually responsible for creating the term "the Net Set," which began as a hashtag that shoppers used to show off their Net-a-Porter purchases on social media.

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"Digital innovation doesn't stand still and neither do we," Net-a-Porter founder Natalie Massanet told Wallpaper magazine of the app, which has been in the works since 2013. It's already been a busy year for Massanet and the Net-a-Porter team, which also includes digital magazine, The Edit and print magazine, Porter. With its debut of athletics-focused Net-a-Sporter, an exclusive Chanel pop-up shop, as well as its massive Yoox merger all in the past year, it looks like the well-rounded retailer's empire expansion will only continue.