Net effect: Sanjaya blogs don't miss a beat

Internet campaigns keeping polarizing singer in 'Idol' hunt

NEW YORK -- "American Idol" contestant Sanjaya Malaker is, by all accounts, not the most talented performer on the show.

But according to Nielsen BuzzMetrics, the blogosphere has played a large part in making him the most visible.

According to a BuzzMetrics report, Sanjaya -- now referred to by only his first name on many sites -- has seen blog references increase 338% from Feb. 18, when he first reached critical mass, to April 8.

Reality TV Magazine is the top blog in Sanjaya traffic, with 40 other blogs linking to its posts on the subject from Jan. 1-April 8.

Many blog conversations about Sanjaya in late March center on the fact that he "lacks talent" and doesn't deserve to

Conversations also focus on Howard Stern and, two sources that encourage people to skew the votes, suggesting that both have played a large part in keeping him on the air.

On his Sirius Satellite Radio show, Stern tells listeners to vote for Sanjaya and has taken delight in possibly "ruining" Fox's ratings juggernaut "Idol."

VoteForTheWorst is a site that encourages its visitors to "have fun with 'American Idol' by voting for the bad and truly entertaining contestants."

The result thus far is that Sanjaya has kept his spot on the show despite serious flak from the judges.

Simon Cowell told "Extra" he would quit the show if Sanjaya won. Randy Jackson called one of his performances "unlistenable."

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