The Net has him in knots

Director is worried about future

The Internet has Barry Sonnenfeld freaked out.

"I fear the Internet for so many reasons," the producer-director said Tuesday during his address at the National Association of Broadcasters Show. "The medium is the message, and the medium has invaded our home and taken over our minds. … The really scary part is how hypnotic it is. The Net is so pervasive that kids are on it all day."

The "Men in Black" helmer fears that children today will grow up with "no concept of the right to privacy and in fact not understand the need for it. Because the Facebook generation is not concerned with what people know about them … they will have no problem with additional governmental supervision, spying and intervention. They will be thrilled that the Internet will be able to follow their every move.

"I suspect," he said, "we are probably looking at the last generation of Americans that exist in a democracy. Totalitarianism is not far in our future, and the next generation will go down that road happily.

"My only hope is the Bush administration has screwed things up so profoundly — socially, economically and environmentally — that perhaps they will be angered by how our generation has selfishly destroyed their future and will put down that computer," he said.