After Net Neutrality Passage, President Obama Sends Thank-You Note to America

Barack Obama Cybersecurity Summit - H 2015
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Barack Obama Cybersecurity Summit - H 2015

A Congressional committee is still probing whether the president used improper influence on the FCC.

President Barrack Obama on Thursday afternoon sent out a thank-you note addressed to the American people over passage of new net neutrality regulations.

The regulations prove his belief that "today's decision will protect innovation and create a level playing field for the next generation of entrepreneurs — and it wouldn't have happened without Americans like you."

Obama has been closely associated with the issue of net neutrality since he came to office, and he set out to be the broadband-era president. Last November he declared his desire for the use of Title II regulation, treating the Internet like a phone or electric utility, but without any rates or taxes.

Afterward there were articles linking White House activity, lobbying and actions to FCC chairman Tom Wheeler's decision to move to Title II level regulation. There was an investigation announced in February by the Republican chairman of the House Oversight Committee into whether the President unduly influenced the FCC's decision. The FCC is an independent commission even though the president nominates its members.

Wheeler and Obama have a long and close personal history. Wheeler raised money for both of the President's successful campaigns, and he was seen as Obama's choice to run the FCC because they shared a belief that America needs better broadband and equal access to the electronic superhighway for everyone, even if it brings criticism from conservatives and affected businesses.

The full note is below: