Netflix Sets Cult Anime Favorite 'Neon Genesis Evangelion' and New Series '7Seeds'

evangelion3.0 - H 2012

The streaming service has added more titles to its ever-expanding anime slate.

Netflix is expanding its anime slate even further, picking up all 26 episodes of the seminal Neon Genesis Evangelion series, by Hideaki Anno, which will be streaming starting in the spring, and launching a new series, 7Seeds, based on the manga by Yumi Tamura, the company announced in Tokyo on Tuesday.

Netflix has also added two films, Evangelion: Death (True) 2 and The End of Evangelion, to its 2019 anime lineup.

The Evangelion series aired from 1995-96 and catapulted director Anno to legendary animator status.

The 7Seeds anime series, based on the manga that has been running since 2001, will be launched in April of next year. The series will be directed by Yukio Takahashi and produced by Gonzo.

Also mentioned in the lineup event at the Akiba Theater in Tokyo were the previously announced Ultraman anime, based on the classic live-action costume series; Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac by Yoshiharu Ashino; and Rilakkuma and Kaoru by Masahito Kobayashi. All three of these new series will launch in spring 2019.

Netflix has been growing its original anime lineup in recent years as a way of building its audience in Japan and with anime fans globally.