Netflix Begins Dubbing Into Turkish for Local Service

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Courtesy of Netflix

The move, which will see shows like 'Orange Is the New Black,' 'House of Cards' and 'Jessica Jones' dubbed or subtitled, copies the company's local-language strategy in Poland.

Netflix is rolling out a Turkish-language service, dubbing or subtitling the bulk of its programming in the territory to serve audiences in what is one of the world's fastest-growing television markets.

Netflix said Thursday that more than 80 percent of its content in Turkey, including series such as Orange Is the New Black, Jessica Jones and House of Cards, will be dubbed or subtitled in Turkish.

The streaming giant rolled out a similar local-language service in Poland earlier this week. Both are part of a broader strategy by Netflix to jump-start growth in its international operations by expanding beyond viewers who speak or understand English.

Netflix also announced it would be teaming with mobile provider Vodafone to carry its streaming service in Turkey. Mobile and cable integration deals are becoming an increasingly important part of Netflix's strategy.

Earlier this month, Netflix and John Malone's international cable giant Liberty Global announced a multiyear partnership that will see Netflix become available to pay TV subscribers in more than 30 countries worldwide. In the U.S., Comcast is this week rolling out a beta test of its Netflix integration on advanced cable boxes.