Netflix-CBS Deal Worth $200M, Says Analyst

Frasier Screen Shot 1998
Paramount Television/Courtesy Everett Collection

FRASIER, Kelsey Grammer, (1998-Season 5), 1993-2004

The deal gives Netflix rights to stream such shows as "Star Trek," "Family Ties," "Cheers" and "Frasier."

Netflix and CBS aren't disclosing terms of the deal they announced Tuesday, but an analyst said it's worth $200 million.

CBS will get that amount, according to a Wednesday research note from Barclays Capital analyst Anthony DiClemente, over two years for nonexclusive rights to stream such shows as The Twilight Zone, Star Trek, Family Ties, Twin Peaks, Cheers and Frasier.

Netflix made its CBS deal known the same day Amazon said it is entering the subscription streaming-media business, as well, spooking Netflix investors who suddenly must worry about a competitor with a cheaper, though less expansive, movie and TV product.

Netflix shares fell 6 percent Tuesday and another 5 percent Wednesday to $211.20.

As for CBS, DiClimente is still neutral on the stock, which fell 1 percent Wednesday to $21.76, but he sees the deal it made with Netflix as meaningful.

"Having already secured a substantial movie library, we expect Netflix to focus on securing additional deals for TV content," the analyst wrote. "Therefore, we believe the emergence of broadband distributors -- like Netflix and now Amazon -- as bidders of TV content will enhance economics for studios going forward, a meterial positive for media content."