Netflix Completes Scandinavian Roll Out Ahead of HBO with Bows in Norway, Finland

Nordic VOD – Netflix and HBO launch VOD services in Scandinavia

The VOD market in Scandinavia just got a lot hotter, with both HBO and Netflix this week announcing plans to launch their own VOD services in the Nordic territories. Netflix's Scandinavian expansion follows the group's international roll-out to Canada, Latin America and the U.K.. Time Warner's HBO has agreed to launch HBO Nordic, a multi-platform video distribution joint venture with European pay TV veteran Peter Ekelund and his company Parsifal International, that will serve Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark.

HBO is set to launch a Nordic version of its HBO Go VOD service later this month.

COLOGNE, Germany – Netflix has completed its Nordic roll out, bowing local version of its online streaming service in Norway and Finland. A Swedish version of Netflix went live on Monday and a Danish Netflix launched Tuesday.

Netflix will charge 79 Crowns – Danish, Norwegian or Swedish respectively – per month for their local services and €7.99 per month in Finland, the only Scandinavian country that is part of the Euro zone. Calculated in U.S. dollars, the cost will range from $10.46 in Finland to just over $14 in Norway.  Netflix has teamed with Swedish music-streaming service Spotify in the region and is offering Spotify users a free one-month Netflix trial, or longer if users sign up for both Spotify and Netflix in their region.

Scandinavian users will be able to choose from a selection of films and TV series from Warner Bros, Sony, Fox and Disney as well as TV groups CBS Studios, BBC Worldwide and ITV Studios in the U.K. Netflix has also signed licensing deals with several European independents, including Shine International, Denmark's Nordisk Film and Sweden's NonStop.

Netflix's Nordic bow comes just ahead of competitor HBO, which is set to launch Scandinavian versions of its HBO Go streaming service later this month. The U.S. giants are entering a crowded market, which already includes local streaming services such as Voddler and Viaplay and Amazon-owned LoveFilm.