Netflix Greenlights First Polish-Language Series

Agnieszka Holland  - H 2011
Krzysztof Opali?ski/Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics

Oscar-nominee Agnieszka Holland and daughter Kasia Adamik will direct the alternative history series, set in a Poland where the Cold War never ended.

Oscar-nominated Polish director Agnieszka Holland (In Darkness) has signed on to direct Netflix's first-ever Polish-language series.

The still-unnamed series will be set in 2002 in an alternative history where the Cold War never ended. The show focuses on an idealistic law student and a disgraced police investigator who uncover the conspiracy that has kept Poland under a repressive police state. Together, their revelations have the power to spark a popular revolution.

The series was created and written by Joshua Long and will be produced for Netflix by The Kennedy/Marshall Company and The House Media Company. Frank Marshall (Jason Bourne) and Robert Zotnowski (House of Cards) will be executive producers on the series for The Kennedy/Marshall Company, along with Polish producer Andrzej Besztak (House Media), Long, Maciej Musial and Holland.

Holland will co-direct the series together with her daughter Kasia Adamik, who directed HBO Europe's acclaimed Polish-language series The Border. Holland is no stranger to Netflix, having helmed several episodes of House of Cards.

“We are really happy that we'll be able to combine the wonderful experience of the Netflix team, our great American producers and writer, with Polish talent and a Polish sensibility,” said Holland.

Added producer Marshall: “I have wanted to work with Agnieszka for a long time, so I’m very excited to be producing this series for Netflix alongside a very talented Polish cast and crew.”

The first, eight-episode season of the series will be shot in various cities and regions in Poland this year and is set to launch to Netflix members worldwide in 2018.