Netflix to Launch Two New True-Crime Doc Series

Alex Gibney - 2016 8th Annual Governors Awards - Getty - H 2017
Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

'Dirty Money' takes an investigative look into the world of business, while 'Rotten' uncovers scandals in the food industry.

Following the success from true-crime documentary series like Making a Murderer and The Keepers, Netflix announced on Thursday (Dec. 14) that two new crime series will debut on the streaming service in January 2018.

Dirty Money comes from the mind of Oscar-winning director Alex Gibney. The investigative series gives audiences an inside look at the immortality and scandals in the business world. Each episode will feature firsthand stories from both the victims and perpetrators as they give details from their perspectives.  

The series will offer an intimate look at some of the world's largest corporations, including Trump, Inc. Other businesses that will be analyzed include Volkswagen and HSBC. Some of the business deals that will be questioned include when a group of payday leaders made millions off small loans with inflated interest rates and unclear rules, a Big Pharma scam that made it nearly impossible for thousands to acquire lifesaving drugs and a Canadian scandal in which $20 million worth of syrup disappeared and concluded in a battle between the maple syrup makers and cartels.

Dirty Money will debut on the streaming service on Friday, Jan. 26.

Netflix is also set to release Rotten, which gives the culinary world a true-crime twist. The series takes a behind-the-scenes look at food production to expose underlying corruption, waste and the serious consequences of our daily eating habits. The new show will study homemade dishes in addition to meals served at global franchises to explain how regulation, innovation and greed can contribute to the dining experience.

Episodes promise to examine the honey, peanut, garlic, chicken, milk and fish businesses to uncover little known facts about the food we eat.

Rotten will be available to stream on Friday, Jan. 5. Watch the trailer for Rotten below.