Netflix Makes Lionsgate U.K. Streaming Deal Official

“The Blair Witch Project”
Artisan Entertainment/Courtesy Everett Collection


The 1999 verite horror film cost just $60,000 to produce and earned $249 million.


The U.S. video streaming giant confirms it will be streaming classic movie titles like "Dirty Dancing" and "Blair Witch Project" when it launches in the U.K. and Ireland early next year.

TORONTO - Netflix will be streaming Lionsgate movie titles like Dirty Dancing and Blair Witch Project when it launches in the U.K. and Ireland early in 2012, the online video streaming giant confirmed Monday.

But Netflix gave no indication of its pricing or schedule for its next international roll out after Canada, indicating only a “low” monthly fee for its upcoming U.K. and Ireland subscription service.

The multi-year deal with Lionsgate U.K. will see Netflix stream movie titles from the Vancouver-based mini-studio on TV sets, tablets, game consoles and computers.

Netflix announced in October that it expand to the U.K. and Ireland markets early next year, where it will meet competition from locals Lovefilm and Blinkbox.