Netflix's Decision to Cancel DVD-Streaming Split: What the Industry, Consumers Are Saying

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Damon Lindelof

"Lost" co-creator Damon Lindelof tweets: "Somewhere in the world, Qwikster is huddled in a dark, neglected corner crying into his New Coke.”

Netflix's announcement Monday that it was nixing its recently announced plan to separate its DVD-by-mail from its Web streaming business prompted instant reaction from the industry and consumers.

The company said it had made its decision not to create for DVD rentals in the wake of negative feedback from customers and Wall Street. After trading higher during the first half of the day, shares of Netflix on Monday hit a new 52-week low and closed down 4.8 percent as initial excitement over a strategy reversal waned.

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Upon the announcement, several in the entertainment industry took to Twitter to share their reactions, with many -- including Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof -- likening Qwikster to Coca-Cola's failed New Coke in the mid-'80s.

"Somewhere in the world, Qwikster is huddled in a dark, neglected corner crying into his New Coke," Lindelof tweeted.

Meanwhile, Weird Al Yankovic quipped: "Next time Netflix wants to make a rash, impulsive decision, maybe they should just buy a puppy or get a tattoo. #RIPQwikster"

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Movie critic Roger Ebert also weighed in: "So...Netflix has changed nothing, except now has everything under the Netflix name on one website?"

Fellow movie critic Scott Weinberg (Twitch, FEARnet, mocked the company in a series of tweets that included:

-- "Hey Netflix, can you get my parents back together? They separated in 1989."

-- "New sign in the Netflix break room: 'Wanna get fired? Just mouth the word Qwikster.'"

-- "I do believe that Qwikster has just supplanted New Coke on some upcoming Trivial Pursuit cards."

-- "(Psst, everyone. Listen. Let's start demanding that Netflix deliver cakes too. They do whatever we say!)"

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Also chiming in was Jason Snell, editorial director of Macworld: "I'll say this for Netflix: It sticks to its guns. And then shoots itself in the feet with them. And then changes guns. And shoots again."'s Pete Cashmore sent this tweet: "Dear Netflix CEO: We Accept Your Apology. Love, DVDs."

And they weren't the only ones with an opinion. Several consumers also weighed in on Netflix's decision reversal. Among them:

Monique Hall
Why didn't Netflix market research their 2-company idea before trying to do it?! Now they look twice as foolish reversing course.

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Aaron Bender
Netflix is making an a--hat of itself. It's actually getting funny now

Brent Okuley
The REAL problem with #Netflix isn't their lack of business direction. It's their lack of Magnum PI streaming online.

Kait McDaniel
Looks like Netflix got the right idea and killed Qwickster. I'm glad they figured out that you don't try to fix something that's not broken.

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Cheryl Smithem
As Netflix clearly has shown, brands are defined by the consumer. Not the other way around.

Bala Iyer
Netflix and Its New Coke Moment. ... Coke had a stronger brand.

Wow. Netflix is really confused. May I suggest consumer testing before springing major changes on people. Regardless I'm still a HUGE fan ☺

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