Netflix Raises Subscription Price in Europe

Nextflix Europe Illo - H 2014

Nextflix Europe Illo - H 2014

In order to “continue providing good series and films,” the streaming service increases its standard monthly subscription to just over $11.

Netflix has quietly raised prices across Europe, following a similar price hike for U.S. customers last year.

The increase, which will only affect new customers, will see the price for a standard Netflix subscription increase from just under $10 (€8.99) a month to just over $11 (€9.99). 

In the mail to Netflix users, the company wrote that the price increase was necessary to “continue providing good series and films." Netflix' basic, non-HD subscription will remain unchanged at $8.86 (€7.99) a month, as will its premium subscription at $13.30 (€11.99). 

The increase will affect most European countries where Netflix operates, including Germany, France and the Netherlands. In Switzerland, the company announced a similar hike, increasing its standard subscription to $15.26 (CHF 14.90) a month from $13.20 (CHF 12.90). Netflix made a similar price increase in the UK and on some of its Nordic offerings earlier this year.

While Netflix hasn't revealed official subscriber figures for continental Europe, the British research firm Future Source Consulting has estimated the company has some 750,000 subscribers in France, nearly three times the estimate put forward by the French Ministry of Culture.

Germany is the second-largest continental territory for Netflix, with around 650,000 subscribers, according to Future Source Consulting. The U.K., however, remains Netflix's biggest international territory, with an estimated 4.5 million subscribers. 

Netflix is set to launch in Italy, Spain and Portugal later this year. 

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