Netflix Made Smart Socks So You'll Never Sleep Through a Show Ever Again

Netflix Socks Screen Shot - H 2015
Courtesy of YouTube/Netflix US & Canada

Welcome to the future, people.

You're marathoning your new favorite show on Netflix — you know, the one that everyone keeps harping about, "Have you seen it yet?!?" — when it happens. After six straight hours blazing through the "Are you still watching?" notifications, your body fails you and, perhaps because of the copious amount of red wine, you fall asleep. Three hours later, you wake up to discover that the finale is playing and the main character is dead. You cry. 

If this scenario has ever happened to you, then wipe away your tears and listen up. Business Insider reports that Netflix has invented smart socks (!) which read your body to understand when you fall asleep, and automatically pause your show. 

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Now collect your jaw from the floor — that's not even the best part. These socks can be DIY'd at home, courtesy of Netflix's own how-to video (Pinot Noir socks sadly not included). The rather simple system uses "actigraphy," which measures when you've stopped moving using an accelerometer. When you are immobile for a long period of time, an LED light will begin to flash, alerting you that your show is about to be paused. Any movement whatsoever cancels the action. Unfortunately, there's no word yet on when or if Netflix will sell the socks.

And if you're the wise guy wondering, "But how am I supposed to Netflix and chill if I'm warm?" then just stop.