More Netflix Streamers Pick TV Shows

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Nielsen study bodes well for "House of Cards," "Arrested Development," similar content.

Netflix users are increasingly using the service to stream TV shows, according to a study from Nielsen released Thursday.

Movies are still the main attraction for Netflix streamers, but TV closed the gap a bit compared the results from a similar survey a year ago.

The survey shows 19 percent of Netflix users prefer to stream TV shows, up from 8 percent last year, while those who prefer streaming movies fell to 47 percent from 53 percent.

The percent who enjoy both equally fell to 35 percent from 36 percent a year ago.

Netflix has been increasing its focus on TV lately by striking content deals with most of the major players and even venturing into original content with deals to stream shows like Lilyhammer, Orange is the New Black, House of Cards and  Arrested Development.

Probably the most noteworthy network to spurn a streaming deal with Netflix, though, is HBO.  That’s not expected to change anytime soon, though Netflix CEO Reed Hastings had at least the opportunity to broach the topic at the Allen & Company gathering in Sun Valley, where he spoke privately this week with Jeff Bewkes, the CEO of HBO parent Time Warner. Neither executive, though, disclosed what was said in their conversation.

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