Netflix: Subscribers Can Create Profiles for Kids, Parents

Bloomberg/Getty Images

Family members sharing the same account will now each get a personalized experience.

Sharing your Netflix subscription with your friends and family members? No problem.

Netflix will now let subscribers create as many as five separate profiles for each person using the service, at no additional charge.

Each profile will provide the user with a personalized Netflix experience based on his or her watching habits, favorite shows and genres. Each profile can also be connected to a different Facebook account. This feature will make it easier for parents to separate kids programming from Netflix's more mature offerings, presumably by creating profiles for their kids reflecting their favorite shows.

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This development had been rumored for weeks, but the Internet TV network made it official Thursday. The profiles feature will start rolling out on Thursday and will be available to all members within two weeks.

"Now everyone in your home can have their own Netflix experience built around the TV shows and movies they enjoy," Netflix Chief Product Officer Neil Hunt said in a statement. "No longer will your Netflix suggestions be mixed up with those of your kids, a significant other, roommates or house guests."