Netflix Takes World Rights to Ricardo Trogi's 'Guide to the Perfect Family'

Perfect Family
Courtesy of Bertrand Calmeau/Netflix

The Canadian dramedy about an over-parenting society will get a Quebec theatrical release and a rest-of-the-world release on Netflix in 2021.

Netflix has taken the global rights to Canadian director Ricardo Trogi's Le Guide de la famille parfaite (The Guide to the Perfect Family).

The French language dramedy about an over-parenting society will get a theatrical release in Quebec via Les Films Opale and a simultaneous release in the rest of the world on Netflix in 2021. Trogi's film -- with an ensemble cast led by Louis Morissette, Catherine Chabot, Emilie Bierre, Xavier Lebel and Isabelle Guérard -- will then reach Netflix in Canada later this year.

“As a parent myself, this is a film that I immediately resonated with. Ricardo and Louis have done an incredible job telling a story that shows us how challenging modern-day parenting can be. As a Canadian, born and raised in Montreal, I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to bring their work to a worldwide audience on Netflix that I know will laugh, cry and love this movie as much as I do," Audrey Gardiner, director of content acquisition at Netflix, said in a statement.

The Guide to the Perfect Family offers a light take on the difficulty and complexity of raising children in a society expecting unattainable performance, and where parents who want the best for their children risk suffocating them. “I’m extremely pleased to know this film will be shown in movie theatres across Quebec and on Netflix. It’s the best of both worlds," Trogi added in his own statement.

The Guide to the Perfect Family joins a growing Quebec film slate at Netflix that kicked off with the streaming giant's first indigenous Canadian movie, Jusqu'au Déclin (The Decline), directed by Patrice Laliberté in Quebec. Netflix reports that French language movie was viewed in 21 million homes in its first month on the streamer.

U.S. streaming platform dollars flowing to Quebec movies sits well with local producers who have an alternative to traditional funders like Telefilm Canada and SODEC, and will see American digital platforms release their content worldwide. “Our team is honored to present this film on Netflix and promote Canadian culture beyond our borders. As a creator, it’s a privilege to have access to millions of viewers around the world," adds Louis Morissette, who executive produces Trogi's film and shares the writer credits with Jean-François Leger and François Avard.

Trogi's earlier movie credits include Le Mirage and 1991, which was the top-grossing Canadian film in 2018 and streams worldwide on Netflix. Other French language Quebec films that Netflix has licensed for its worldwide platform include Les Affamés, Monsieur Lazhar, Incendies and the original Bon Cop, Bad Cop comedy and its sequel, which starred Colm Feore and Patrick Huard.