Netflix Testing Higher Priced 'Ultra' Plan in Europe

John MacDougall/AFP/Getty Images

Subscribers in Germany and Italy are being offered a new high-end plan with HD and HDR streams for up to $19.78 a month.

Netflix is testing a new high-end streaming plan called "Ultra" in select European territories to see whether customers are willing to pay more for higher-quality high definition (HD) and high dynamic range (HDR) streams.

The Ultra plans, which are reportedly being tested with Netflix customers in Germany and Italy, offer new premium plans ranging in price from €13.99 to €16.99 ($16.29 to $19.78) a month, depending on the territory and the browser being used.

One version of the Ultra plan in Germany offers four Ultra HD streams and HDR content for €16.99 a month, compared with €13.99 for 4 streams without the HDR option. Other versions give Ultra subscribers 4 HD streams with Premium users limited to two.

Netflix has confirmed the Ultra tests and says only a subset of customers will be shown the higher-priced options. Netflix has not said whether it plans to roll out its Ultra tier in the United States or elsewhere over its global footprint.