Change at Netflix Enrages Some Customers

Company announced earlier this week that they will be relying more on its streaming service, which caused user uproar.

Netflix is slowly phasing out its DVD mailing system, and its subscribers aren’t too happy about it.

The company has predicted that in two years, they will be relying more on its “Watch Instantly” service instead of actual DVDs, Yahoo! Movies reports.

Earlier this week, Netflix’s director of product management Jamie Odell announced that the company would be “removing the ‘Add to DVD Queue’ option from streaming devices.” This was an indication that Netflix could “concentrate on offering you the titles that are available to watch instantly.”

After the announcement was made, many users were angry about the sudden change.

One commenter wrote, “Clearly Netflix wants to send less discs through the mail, and therefore wants us to make it more difficult for the user to add their queue in furtherance of that.”

Another said, “Horrible idea! Especially when there are still few titles available for streaming and the titles that you do have, seem to have very narrow license windows.”

The most common reasons why users were upset were that they liked having access to physical discs and the lack of movies on “Watch Instantly.”

Though the company did not issue a formal response to users’ complaints, Netflix foresees that instant access is the direction the future is going, though it is mentioned in this report that if the new business model is successful, it could affect the country’s broadband.

According to Yahoo! Movies, the company announced in November that they would be offering a lower subscription rate for those who chose to purchase the streaming-only option.

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