Netflix's Price Hike: What Hollywood Is Saying

Everyone from musician Weird Al Yankovic to "The Social Network" producer Dana Brunetti took to their Twitter's to comment on on the video giant's recent bout of bad news.

Netflix is not having a good month. 

Its price-hike went into effect Sept. 1. Then the company's stock fell 26 percent as it lost about 1 million subscribers. The video giant then announced it will split its DVD and streaming business into two separate entities, dubbing the DVD-by-mail company "Qwikster." But, Netfilx may not have registered its trademark on the name. 

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The company has become the talk of Hollywood. 

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Singing spoofer Al Yankovic tweeted, " I keep getting these creepy late-night phone calls from the CEO of Netflix saying that no one else is ever going to love me like he does." 

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Producer and comedian Jeff Katz wrote, "You no longer have the PR hit of taking on the popular little guy. Netflix is down. Studios now have a positive spin and can go in for kill." 

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Producer Dana Brunetti went on the defense of Netflix in a series of tweets. " Bottomline, the media has people in a inflated frenzy about @Netflix and I think it's to protect their own conglomerate interests, NOT yours. ... Again, @netflix is $7.99 for UNLIMITED streaming, yet the media has people FLIPPING out over it. Think about it." 

"I wonder if Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has read The Tipping Point. He should probably download it onto his Kindle," wrote Margaret actor John Gallagher Jr.

Former MTV VJ Damien Fahey joked, "I read the Netflix email and I'm worried the CEO might start showing up outside customers' bedroom windows blasting "In Your Eyes"."

Twitter investor Chris Sacca even got into the mix, tweeting, "Oh, wow. The @netflix CEO keeps sending out more emails about the Qwikster mess."