Netflix's Ted Sarandos Meets Colombian President to Discuss 'Narcos'

Ted Sarandos Netflix Colombia - H 2014
Courtesy of Proimagenes

Ted Sarandos Netflix Colombia - H 2014

The new original series directed by Jose Padilha is shooting in Colombia

Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos met with Colombian president and cinephile Juan Manuel Santos on Wednesday to discuss the shoot of Netflix's original series Narcos, which is shooting in Colombia and capitalizing on the country's cash rebate incentive. 

Sarandos, Narcos director and executive producer Jose Padilha (RoboCop), Gaumont producers Eric Newman and Elisa Roth, Dynamo's Andres Calderon, Proimagenes' Claudia Triana, and Colombia's film commissioner Silvia Echeverri also met with Cecilia Alvarez-Correa, the Minister of Commerce Industry and Tourism, along with Minister of Culture Mariana Garces and Minister of Information Technology and Communications Diego Molano.

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Top Brazilian star Wagner Moura (Elite Squad 2) is attached to star in Narcos, which will depict the true story of the growth and spread of cocaine drug cartels across the world. Moura will play Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, a character who recently gained a retrospective appeal, with Benicio del Toro playing the Medellin cartel chief in Andrea Di Stefano's Escobar: Paradise Lost. Caracol's hit TV show Pablo Escobar, The Lord of Evil also garnered record ratings all across Latin America.

The incentive is managed by the Colombian Film Commission, a division of Proimagenes Colombia, and offers a cash rebate for national or international films partially or totally produced in Colombia. The incentive breakdown includes 40 percent for film services (related to audio-visual preproduction, production or postproduction) and 20 percent for film logistics services (accommodation, catering and transportation) of the total amount spent in the country on Colombian entities.

The first foreign production to make use of the rebate was the Chilean miners' drama The 33, starring Antonio Banderas, Rodrigo Santoro, and Juliette Binoche.