Netflix's 'The Home Edit' Stars Share 6 Tips for Organizing Your Home Office


"How are you supposed to focus on the task at hand if out of the side of your eye you’re seeing a pile of clutter?" says The Home Edit’s Joanna Teplin (left, with Clea Shearer).

"You want to make sure you aren't starting your day irritated by your workspace," says Joanna Tepling, who founded the Nashville-based organizing consultancy with Clea Shearer.

On Netflix's new show Get Organized With The Home Edit, Joanna Teplin and Clea Shearer — founders of Nashville-based organizing consultancy The Home Edit — have helped Eva Longoria, Neil Patrick Harris and Khloé Kardashian declutter their living spaces, and even got to organize the memorabilia collection of series executive producer Reese Witherspoon.

This year, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, they also receive calls from clients wanting help with home offices. "In the beginning, it was a novelty. That turned into six months," says Teplin, adding that a tidy desk can up productivity. "You want to make sure you aren’t starting your day irritated by your workspace."

To pull a WFH office into shape, first "remove everything, see what you still need and re-create [it] from scratch," says Shearer. She also recommends getting a six-port charging station, plus an acrylic organizer with sections for storing iPads and other electronics when not in use. If a desk has drawers, turn one into an inbox and another into an outbox to clear up desktop space.

And if multiple family members are, say, working at a dining table, help delineate individual zones using bins for each person’s supplies. Even better, purchase a rolling supply cart that can be stored at night in a closet or by a wall. Says Shearer, "When you roll it up to the table, it’s like you are coming into the office."

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