Netherlands Launches $27 Million Film Fund to Attract Productions

"Borgman" is the Netherlands' official entry for the 2014 Foreign Language Film Oscar.

Employment in the Dutch industry has fallen nearly 17 percent in the past 15 years as producers have shifted shoots elsewhere in Europe.

COLOGNE, Germany -- The Dutch government has approved a new $27 million (€20 million) annual fund aimed at attracting more international productions to shoot in the Netherlands. The fund, which will take the form of a cash rebate system, kicks off in 2014.  

It is hoped the move will help counter the overall decline in the Dutch film industry over the past 15 years.

While the country remains one of Europe's strongest economies, employment in the film business has fallen 16.7 percent since 1998, compared to an overall growth of 11.5 percent across the entire European film sector, a recent study by Oxford Economics concluded. 

"This positive outcome is crucial for the future and quality of the national film industry," said Doreen Boonekamp, CEO of the new film fund. "Dutch film professionals can now compete internationally on the basis of quality."

Added the CEO: "We expect this measure to enable more foreign producers to shoot and produce in the Netherlands."