'The Netherlands Welcomes Trump in His Own Words' Video Goes Viral

Donald Trump

A Dutch TV show in a parody introduces the country, including a pony park, a crooner and a wall "to protect us from all the water from Mexico," and asks Trump to not just put America first, but the Netherlands second.

Donald Trump's inauguration as 45th president of the U.S. drew TV news coverage across Europe last week.

Dutch comedy show Zondag met Lubach, or Sunday with Lubach, hosted by Arjen Lubach, made a satirical video entitled "The Netherlands Welcomes Trump in His Own Words," which has this week gone viral.

The parody video, which pokes fun at Trump, the Netherlands and other countries, introduces the country and acknowledges Trump's promise to put America first, asking him to put the Netherlands second. 

"We speak Dutch," the video says. "It's the best language in Europe. We've got all the best words. All the other languages failed." It also touts such Dutch tourism offers as a pony park and a miniature town. 

Among other things, it also mentions a wall, saying: "It's a great, great wall that we built us to protect us from all the water from Mexico." And it highlights: "We've got the best tax evasion system god ever created."

It also says: "You've got Trump Towers, we've got Lee Towers," a singer known as the "godfather of Dutch popular music."

The video had attracted more than 4.7 million views as of Wednesday midday European time. 

Watch the video below.