Nets plan Katrina anni coverage


NEW YORK -- Two years after Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, the networks are planning a wide range of coverage to mark the anniversary and look in on the long recovery process.

ABC News said Thursday that it will air "Katrina: Where Things Stand" beginning Sunday. It will encompass all of the network's platforms, including "Good Morning America," "This Week With George Stephanopoulos" and "World News With Charles Gibson." "GMA" co-anchor Robin Roberts will report from Mississippi; Dan Harris, Jim Avila and other correspondents will report from elsewhere on the Gulf Coast.

"NBC Nightly News" will originate from New Orleans and Mississippi beginning Tuesday. Anchor Brian Williams, who is making his 14th trip since the storm that he rode out at the Superdome in New Orleans, will report from the region. "Today" also will originate from New Orleans on Wednesday. NBC has shown a large commitment to continuing to report the Katrina story.

CBS will have a four-part series anchored by Katie Couric on "CBS Evening News" along with pieces by Harry Smith on "The Early Show" and two separate hours this season on "48 Hours Mystery." One hour focuses on two murders in New Orleans after the storm and how the city is still a hotbed of homicide. Another focuses on a husband and wife who are on trial on charges related to the deaths of people from Katrina though the defense said it's the government that is to blame.

CNN paired filmmaker Spike Lee and correspondent Soledad O'Brien for a documentary titled "Children of the Storm" that has been filmed almost exclusively by 11 teenagers in New Orleans. It focuses on teens whose lives have been dramatically changed by the storm and lets them tell their own stories. It will begin airing Wednesday.

Business channel CNBC is looking at the financial impact Katrina had on the city's business community in "Against the Tide: The Battle for New Orleans." The docu, which premieres Sunday, will show how homeowners and businesses have fared in the two years since the storm.