Nets and 'Women!' match up


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CANNES -- French distributor CALT has inked broadcasting and format deals for the risque female comedy "Women!"

The series, featuring two women who explore feminine cliches of contemporary society, will air on Canal Vie in Quebec as well as on HBO in Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania and the Czech Republic and on HBO Adria, which encompasses Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia-Montenegro, Macedonia and Bosnia Herzegovina.

The show's format rights have been sold to Endemol and Mediaset in Italy and the GMA group for the Philippines.

CALT also has optioned its comedy "Henaut for President" to U.S. producer James Bruce. The series, which airs in Gaul on cable network Paris Premiere, centers on a man who wants to be president of France despite his shortcomings.

CALT's "Camera Cafe" already has sold to 55 countries; the format has been taking off in Asia, with high ratings in the Philippines prompting neighboring countries Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore to invest in the format.