Networks rushing to cover Hurricane Ike

No move to send Big Three anchors, as yet

NEW YORK -- With the second big hurricane in two weeks set to hit the Gulf Coast, the networks are sending a number of correspondents and producers to Texas to cover Hurricane Ike.

So far there's no move to send the Big Three anchors, who left the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minn., for New Orleans when it looked like Hurricane Gustav was going to inflict massive damage on a region that was just getting its footing three years after Katrina.

Gustav didn't.

ABC's Charles Gibson is in Alaska, spending Thursday and Friday interviewing vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. There's no word on NBC's Brian Williams or CBS's Katie Couric. CNN's Anderson Cooper was to anchor "AC 360" beginning Thursday night. Fox News said anchor Shepard Smith, who was in the Gulf for Hurricane Gustav as well as Katrina, would stay in New York but anchor late-night coverage Friday.

ABC was sending "Good Morning America" weather anchor Sam Champion along with correspondents Sharon Alfonsi and Ryan Owens in Houston and Galveston.

Fox News Channel said Gerald Rivera, who also has covered several Gulf hurricanes, was on his way to Texas. Rivera will anchor live coverage from midnight to 3 a.m. Saturday from the scene. Also on the scene for Fox News was Steve Harrigan, Kris Guitierrez and Marianne Silber.

In addition to Cooper, CNN would have Rick Sanchez, Gary Tuchman, Betty Nguyen, Susan Candiotti, Jeanne Meserve, Ali Velshi, Rob Marciano and others deployed to Texas.