'Never Have I Ever' Cast Describes Onscreen and Offscreen Friendship: "We All Vibe Really Well"

Newcomer Maitreyi Ramakrishnan also discussed how co-creator Mindy Kaling helped her navigate her first on-screen role in the Netflix comedy.

Never Have I Ever, a new coming-of-age comedy co-created by Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher, tells the story of Devi, a modern-day, first-generation Indian American teenage girl, as she navigates her way through the crushes, parties and academics of her sophomore year of high school, all while dealing with the grief of her father's sudden death. 

The Netflix series stars newcomer Maitreyi Ramakrishnan as the overachieving and often short-tempered Devi, alongside Lee Rodriguez and Ramona Young as her high school pals Fabiola and Eleanor, respectively. The trio portraying onscreen BFFs sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to play a round of their show’s namesake game “Never Have I Ever” (as seen in the video above) and reveal why this series is the next must-watch quarantine binge show.

“I think people will like the representation, the friendship, the love, the comedy,” Rodriguez said.

“And the truth behind the show. [There's] so much truth that anybody can relate to," Ramakrishnan added. "The relatability is real."

"Not only is it relatable because of the way we look and the cast and how diverse it is, it’s also relatable in the issues that we go through,” Young said. “We all go through very different journeys in this story.

Ramakrishnan, Rodriguez and Young play a group of racially diverse, nerdy best friends known as "the U.N." on the series, and in terms of their special onscreen bond, the actresses say life imitates art.

"We actually have a good friendship," Rodriguez said. "We all vibe really well, and it shows onscreen."

While Never Have I Ever is loosely inspired by Kaling's teen years, the show is set in the present day. 

“There were times when [Kaling] would be able to help me figure out Devi’s character by explaining to me what would happen in her life ... but the stories of the characters are really relatable to people all over," Ramakrishnan explained. 

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