Never Say "Canceled" in Hollywood: Tina Fey, Jenji Kohan and More TV Bosses Reveal Their Favorite Euphemisms

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Tina Fey, Jenji Kohan and Mark Duplass

The C-word is no longer in the vocabulary of network execs.

TV shows rarely get canceled these days. No, seriously, if a series makes it on air and courts any semblance of critical favor or viewer enthusiasm, it's going to get some time to marinate while the powers that be look for ways to make it profitable.

On the rare occasion that a series does get canceled, the word itself is almost never uttered. Chalk it up to millennial coddling or a refusal to admit defeat, but dead shows now go into hibernation while remaining "in consideration" —  or, just as often, they "reach their natural conclusion." And since we can no longer call a spade a spade, some of THR's top 50 showrunners of 2017 sounded off on their favorite lines (both real and fake) that are now subbed in for the uncouth C-word.

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