Nevsky flexes for 'Hercules'


Russian action star-producer Alexander Nevsky is laboring to launch "Hercules: The Beginning." Nevsky's Hollywood Storm will produce the feature on a $12 million budget.

In a move reminiscent of Arnold Schwarzenegger's role as mythical strongman Conan the Barbarian, Nevsky will play the classic Roman hero adopted from Greek legend (where he's called Heracles).

An oft-used hero of film and TV, Hercules also will star in a competing feature project that Millennium Films is developing.

Tate Donovan voiced the hero in Disney's 1997 animated feature, and Lou Ferrigno and Steve Reeves have played Hercules in live-action film versions. Universal TV also produced a popular 1990s series starring Kevin Sorbo.

A star in Russia, Nevsky has spent the past decade making his way in Los Angeles as a writer, producer and actor. Hollywood Storm just wrapped the thriller "Magic Man." "Treasure Raiders," his previous film, will get a stateside release through Maverick Entertainment.