New 'Big Short' Trailer: Hollywood's A-List Takes on Financial System

The Big Short Still - H 2015
Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

The Big Short Still - H 2015

"We're going to make the big banks hurt."

The latest trailer for the ensemble financial film, The Big Short, sees Ryan Gosling, Steve Carell, Brad Pitt and Christian Bale waging war against the American banking system. 

"We're going to make the big banks hurt," says Carell at the beginning of the spot. 

The actors are positioned as the collective David against Goliaths like Merrill Lynch, Chase and Lehman Brothers. As compared to the last trailer, which was more comedic in tone, this spot has a more dramatic and combative feel, which is abetted by a booming voiceover and a fast-paced score.

Adam McKay directed the The Big Short, based on Michael Lewis' book that chronicles the 2008 financial collapse following the mortgage loan crisis. 

The Big Short comes out in theaters on Dec. 23.

Watch the trailer for the movie below.