New Bill Cosby Accuser Comes Forward, Rape Allegations Involve Queen Fantasy

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The woman says Cosby asked her to pretend to be a queen with oatmeal dripping on her face.

Yet another woman has come forward with sexual assault allegations against Bill Cosby. Buzzfeed spoke with a 58-year-old woman named Patricia, who detailed two different incidents with Cosby.

Patricia was part of Andrea Constand's 2005 civil lawsuit against the comedian. She told Buzzfeed that the first time Cosby drugged her was when she was 22. She went over to Cosby's house expecting to have dinner with him and his wife, however, Camille was not there. Cosby gave her a drink and asked her to pretend to "be a queen with oatmeal on her face."

“He told me to convince him that I could remain regal and queenlike no matter what I looked like," said Patricia. "I would leave the room and walk back in, pretending to be a queen with oatmeal on her face, and he would tell me I was doing it wrong and to go back and try again. Then, I started to feel weird from the drink. And then I don’t remember much.”

When Patricia came to, she said she was naked in Cosby's guest bedroom and he convinced her she had vomited on herself so he had washed her dress. She believed him and said she was ashamed of herself. Going forward, Cosby arranged acting lessons and paid for Patricia to join a fitness club, telling her to lose weight.

The second assault occurred in 1980 at a live taping of The Dinah Shore Show. Cosby asked that Patricia wear her hair in a teased bun like Queen Noor of Jordan, whom Patricia said he was obsessed with. Following the show, Cosby said he would not speak to her until she took some pills he gave her to "relax her." After she took the pills, she woke up naked the next morning with her hair and makeup messed up. "I was very sick and knew that someone had penetrated me," said Patricia. "Finally I realized what was happening."

Patricia joins a very long list of women accusing Cosby of rape.