New chapter in saga of former anchor Herman

Latest comments divide Germans

BERLIN -- Weeks after being fired from her own talk show, anchorwoman Eva Herman managed to find her way back into the limelight by walking off somebody else's talk show.

Herman, who was fired by public broadcaster NDR after making sympathetic statements about the Nazis' family values while promoting her newest book, had been invited to the popular "Die Johannes B. Kerner Show" on Tuesday to address the issues surrounding her forced retirement. Instead of backpedaling, however, she proceeded to stand by her remarks and even volunteered a new incendiary sound bite, this time referring to Hitler's building of the Autobahn.

After protests from two of the other three guests -- television host Margarethe Schreinemakers and actress Senta Berger -- Herman departed with little prompting by host Kerner.

Herman, whose biggest achievement was as an anchorwoman on German television, has recast herself as Germany's answer to Ann Coulter: blond, blue-eyed and brazen. Her two books, "The Eva Principle" and "The Noah's Ark Principle -- Why We Must Save the Family," are populist tomes celebrating the sanctity of motherhood and the decline of family values.

As a response to Tuesday's actions, the right-wing DVU party has announced a demonstration set for Saturday in Hamburg to demand "Freedom of Speech for Eva Herman."

Publisher Christian Strasser, whose Pendo Verlag is home to Herman's two books, called his author's scandal the "biggest catastrophe I've encountered in my 40 years as a publisher" in an interview with Munich's Abendzeitung, adding that Kerner tried to build bridges for his difficult guest to cross.