New Charlie Sheen Court Details Revealed

Valerie Macon/Getty Images

On Tuesday, the actor battled his ex for custody, and also against Warner Bros. and Chuck Lorre over his $100 million lawsuit.

Charlie Sheen was busy in court Tuesday on the West Coast -- before he hopped on a plane for his tour stop in Washington, D.C. that night.

Sheen appeared in court Tuesday to fight his ex wife Brooke Mueller for custody of their 2-year-old twin sons, Max and Bob. While details were not publicly released, reports that Sheen lost, and the judge ruled the custody agreement reached after their divorce would remain in place.

TMZ also reports the judge was upset Sheen had bragged about his prior drug use, such as when he talked about "banging 7-gram rocks" on ABC. However, Mueller is reportedly back in inpatient treatment as well, TMZ reports.

Sheen's lawyers also appeared in a Santa Monica courtroom to argue whether his $100 million suit against Two and a Half Men co-creator Chuck Lorre and Warner Bros. will be heard in public or private.

As the THR, Esq. blog details, Sheen's attorney Marty Singer argued the arbitration agreement in Sheen's contract with Warners Bros. should be thrown out because it is "unconscionable." The studio requires talent to accept arbitration provisions that are onerous and non-negotiable, Singer argued.

Warner Bros. lawyer John Spiegel called the idea that courts should need to pretext Sheen "absurd."

"Charlie Sheen makes $2 million for a 22 minute episode of television," Spiegel said.

Eight lawyers were present, but Sheen and Lorre were not there.

That court adjourned for the day  with no ruling from Judge Allan Goodman.

While on stage later that night, Sheen -- who arrived an hour late because of his flight -- told the audience, "Hope you had a better f---ing day than I did. That's all right. My day became perfect thanks to you people."

He was met by both catcalls and boos.