New click at Cablevision

Division aims for interactive ads

Cablevision System Corp. is launching a digital-minded division with an eye toward establishing interactive advertising.

The group will be led by Patricia Gottesman, executive vp digital marketing and commerce, a 28-year Cablevision veteran who will report to company COO Tom Rutledge.

"Cablevision has an enormous opportunity in the areas of digital marketing and commerce to develop new and compelling benefits for our customers and also for the businesses that are increasingly turning to nontraditional ways to reach them," Rutledge said.

The new department will be charged with deploying advanced services, including interactive ads that could conceivably allow subscribers to place orders for the marketed product via remote control.

Cablevision's 3 million-plus subscriber base could be a fertile breeding ground for such add-on services, with high penetration rates already achieved for digital cable and broadband access.

The new division also will combine efforts with Cablevision's Rainbow Advertising Sales Corp.