New Cocktail Lounge Planet Dailies and Mixology 101 Opens This Week in West Hollywood

Katherine Heigl

Stylish clothes don't always go with stylish bars but one does seem to necessitate the other.

This week, Robert Earl, who brought the Planet Hollywood chain to life decades ago, is opening Planet Dailies and Mixology 101 at The Farmer's Marke in L.A., which is above the Bath and Body store, not far from where Barnes and Noble and the movie theaters are (6333 West 3rd St., Farmers Market). And Mixology promises to be a cocktail lounge on an aesthetic order higher than most, where the drinks are concerned. So it sounds like little black dresses and kitten heels need to be on call. 

Mixology's menu of sophisticated artisinal creative libations was created by Salvatore Calabrese, generally considered to be one of the world's best bartenders, and based in London. Celebs are always going to visit his London haunt Salvatore, and this Thursday at the official opening of Planet Dailies and Mixology 101, there will be a red carpet. Many celebs are expected to attend -- and these people don't go out for just any cocktail.

We've sampled some of Salvatore's handiwork, and it seems like Mixology 101 will definitely be a higher order of Farmer's Market attraction: The Grove seems like it's actually going to be in for a little sophisticated nightlife. Perhaps pearls on your LBD, a la Holly Golightly, are actually in order. And sunglasses at night always work in L.A. After all, if you're going to have a cocktail made with lemongrass and sage and imported cucumbers, you better dress the part. 

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