New Dutch anti-Muslim film canceled


AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands -- Dutch politician Ehsan Jami has canceled his anti-Muslim film "The Life of Mohammed" after heated objections from the Dutch government. The animated film was supposed to be released on April 20.

Jami, the founder of a committee for former Muslims in the Netherlands, said on Dutch national television that he and his family had received many death threats from abroad, especially from Iran.

He also said that he understood the point of view of Minister of Justice Ernst Hirsch Ballin, expressed over the weekend on local radio, who feared that this film would split the Dutch community.

Jami also hinted that the Dutch authorities would not be able to sufficiently protect him and his family after the film's release.

In "The Life of Mohammed" it was the intention of the independent politician, a former member of the socialist-party PvdA, to mock the prophet. He showed one glimpse of his planned film in which Mohammed was seen with an erection and his nine-year-old bride Aisha, walking to a mosque with a swastika on the wall.