Moses and Ramses Engage in Epic Battle in New 'Exodus' Trailer

"Who's been telling you this?" "God."

The latest trailer for Fox's upcoming Biblical epic Exodus: Gods and Kings has debuted online just hours after star Christian Bale presented 37 minutes of footage and participated in a Q&A about the film on the 20th Century Fox lot.

In the new, nearly three-minute-long trailer, Bale's Moses is shown being told of the prophecy that he is the leader born to save people from slavery.

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Amid ominous images of destruction, including fire and sword fights, Moses and Ramses (Joel Edgerton) begin a personal battle, with the latter ordering Moses and his family dead.

But soon Moses learns that things are getting much worse. After he shouts at the sky, a plague of locusts descends on Egypt and the destruction and fighting becomes more epic, with Moses and Ramses riding horses alongside walls of water towards the end of the trailer.

Moses tells Ramses, "something is coming, bigger than you and I. This is about Egypt's survival."

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Ramses asks, "Who's been telling you this?" Moses replies, "God."

The Ridley Scott-directed Exodus, co-starring Sigourney Weaver and Aaron Paul, hits theaters on Dec. 12.