In New 'Exodus' Trailer, Christian Bale's Moses Urges People to Follow Him to Freedom

Plus: fighting, plagues and floods

Another trailer for Fox's biblical epic Exodus has debuted online.

In the latest look at the film, Christian Bale's Moses is shown taking a stand against Ramses, played by Joel Edgerton, and rallying his people to follow him to freedom.

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"Ready yourselves. You've honored me with your trust," says Bale's Moses to his followers, who begin cheering. "If you stay, you will perish. Follow me. You will be free. Do not be afraid."

His motivational speech is intercut with onscreen text about Moses being chosen and images of him carving in stone tablets.

Earlier, Moses is shown telling Ramses, "I came to tell you that something is coming that is far beyond my control unless you set my people free."

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At other points in the trailer, Moses and his people are shown battling Ramses' army. The clip also features footage of lighting, rain and various plagues befalling Egypt.  

Ridley Scott's Exodus: Gods and Kings, co-starring Sigourney Weaver, hits theaters Dec. 12.

Watch the full trailer above.