New faces will abound at Academy


A diverse group of actors — including Oscar winner Marion Cotillard, Borat impersonator Sacha Baron Cohen, Oscar nominee Ruby Dee, Josh Brolin, Allison Janney, Jet Li and Ray Winstone — have been invited to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

On Monday, the Academy issued its annual list of invitees, which this year number 105.

Those tapped also included Jan Archibald and Didier Lavergne, who won the best makeup Oscar for "La Vie en Rose," "Juno's" Oscar-winning screenwriter Diablo Cody and such recent nominees as director Jason Reitman ("Juno"), composer Michael Giacchino ("Ratatouille"), production designer Jack Fisk ("There Will Be Blood") and writer Nancy Oliver ("Lars and the Real Girl.")

Each year, in order to replenish its ranks as members die or opt for nonvoting status, the 15 branches of the Academy endorse new candidates.

Under a membership policy adopted in 2004, the Academy has slowed growth in its ranks, which number just below the 6,000 mark. This year, the Academy could have sought out as many as 137 new members, but the branches chose to be more selective than that.

Nominees for Academy Awards, if not already members, are considered by the appropriate branch committees, though a nomination doesn't automatically guarantee inclusion on the list. Prospective members also are considered when their names are advanced by at least two members of a branch.

Overall, this year's roll call is an eclectic list that includes such directors as Sergei Bodrov, James Gray, Doug Liman, Walter Salles and Gore Verbinski, such writers as Judd Apatow, David Benioff, Tamara Jenkins and Jeff Nathanson, such producers as Armyan Bernstein, Hal Lieberman, Andrew Macdonald and JoAnne Sellar as well as casting director Ronna Kress and stunt coordinator Melissa R. Stubbs.

New members will be welcomed into the Academy at an invitation-only reception in September at the Fairbanks Center for Motion Picture Study in Beverly Hills. (partialdiff)