Watch the Chilling New 'Foxcatcher' Trailer

Courtesy of New York Film Festival

Goose bumps, so many goose bumps

Steve Carell, Channing Tatum and Mark Ruffalo star in the newest trailer for Foxcatcher, released by Yahoo today. The clip gives us an extended look at the twisted relationship between benefactor John du Pont (Carrell) and wrestler brothers Mark and Dave Schultz, played by Tatum and Ruffalo, respectively.

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The film, directed by Bennett Miller, is based on the true story of Dave Schultz's murder, committed by du Pont. It has already garnered positive reviews with much praise for the leading actors, particularly Carell's performance as du Pont. Watching this trailer, it's easy to see why — Carell is positively creepy and the perfect star for this psychological thriller. The movie hits theaters on Nov. 14.

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