New 'Gangster Squad' Trailer: More Gosling, More Guns (Video)

The true story of the take down of the man who owned LA gets a second look, with even more firepower.

The fall release of the annual Ryan Gosling-starring, Los Angeles-set noir film is inching ever closer. And it's starting to get awfully loud.

The star of last year's modern-day, violence-laden fairy tale Drive, Gosling again plays a man enforcing justice -- if not entirely through legal means. This time, though, he at least plays a cop, as he takes on the role of Sgt. Jerry Wooters in the true-life story of the LAPD's takedown of famed gangster kingpin, Mickey Cohen (portrayed with scary vengeance by Sean Penn). Oh, and make a run at Cohen's much younger lady, played by Gosling's Crazy, Stupid, Love. partner, Emma Stone.

On his side is Josh Brolin, fresh off his foray into alien fighting and Tommy Lee Jones impersonating, as well as a crew of lawmen that includes Giovanni Ribisi and Anthony Mackie.

Incidentally, this is the second major, first-half-of-the-20th-century-set film to prominently feature Jay-Z in its trailer, following The Great Gatsby.

Gangster Squad hits theaters on September 7.