New Hair Salon Entirely Devoted to Bangs Opens in Beverly Hills

Rose Byrne Headshot - P 2012
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Rose Byrne Headshot - P 2012

The Bang Station should be a bang-up sensation, creating different styles of bangs, from those of Rose Byrne to Emma Watson.

Now that bangs are in -- and have not gone out in a long time -- it's time for some real bangs maintenance, right?

They need to be trimmed and shaped much more often than one's hair style -- which means you're bugging your hair cutter to just give you a bang trim. But now with the advent of the new Bang Station in Beverly Hills, you can trim or cut your bangs -- and not the rest of your locks -- whenever, as often as you want.

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And for the best bangs -- you want a bangs expert. 

The brand new Bang Station is part of the Beverly Hills salon The Private Room -- 9414 Brighton Way in Bev Hills. The Private Room was opened in 2011 by Tina Dizon, and now this month, she's created The Bang Station @The Private Room.

Starting at twenty bucks a pop, they are offering six styles of bangs to cut or maintain the look of:

The Cleopatra (short, heavy cropped bangs -- what Rose Byrne used to have before she got The Flirt);

The Flirt (side swept bangs like Cameron Diaz always has);

The Bombshell (longer full bangs like Jennifer Lopez);

The Rockstar (full, heavy choppy bangs like Katie Holmes);

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The Starlet (fuller bangs like Reese Witherspoon);

The Fringe (longer, wispier, like Jennifer Aniston), and

The Pixie (short and wispy like Emma Watson or Anne Hathaway). 

They'll help you figure out the right bangs for your facial type and your hair style. And just in time for the return of the Mod Look in clothes this spring!